Okay guys this is my first masterpost—albeit rather small masterpost—(minipost?) and I’m doing it on my phone so please bear with me.

I just wanted to bring to everyone’s attention how! Fucking! Awesome! The majority of the 1D fandom is. (◠‿◠✿)

So today, Danielle Peazer did an #AskDanielle for the Cyber Smile Foundation, which is an organization against cyber bullying. Seems nice, right? How sweet of Danielle to support the foundation and openly take questions from her followers, even though she knows most of them are Directioners, who are dying to know about her recent breakup with Liam Payne.

So. Let’s begin with clicking the hash tag #AskDanielle. Scrolling through the Tweets, there seems to be a common theme going on here… As seen above, most (mainly all) questions on the #AskDanielle tag are asking her about her weave. If you don’t know, this fandom is obsessed with proclaiming Danielle’s hair is a weave. She’s disputed this several times and even blocked people over it. In an interview, Liam actually commented on the hate she was getting about her hair, and how she was beginning to wear it straight most of the time because of the backlash. Okay. Let’s dissect this. Danielle is mixed. Half white, half black. If most Directioners weren’t stupid 16 year old white girls living in a bubble they would know that most mixed kids have curly hair thanks to both hair textures from their parents. Everyone else with a brain just accepts it, and moves on. Danielle is natural, meaning she chooses not to perm her hair, and to keep it in its natural curly state. But because she is black/half-black (or however she identifies) her hair MUST be a weave right?! Blak gurl hav hair????? That’s long???!?!?!? That is what most Directioners think. What started as a “joke” catapulted to full on bullying. For the two and whatever years Liam and Danielle have been together, she has dealt with this. But what mainly gets me going is how RACIST this “joke” is. Because black women can’t have long or big hair without it being a “weave.” Black women who wear weaves are always targeted so negatively by so many people. Even our own people. Weaves are SO “ghetto,” and “ratchet,” but when a white woman wears one, it’s just “extensions,” right? If Louis’ girlfriend Eleanor suddenly got longer hair, hers would be called extensions. But never a weave! Because weaves are for ghetto black girls. Shout outs to the white girls who “wish they were Beyonce” because “she’s so beautiful.” Yes. Correct. Her hair is beautiful too, now, right? Correct. So how do you think her hair stays laid like that? WEAVE. EXTENSIONS. HAIR THAT ISN’T HERS. And that is completely fine! I’ll be damned if Katy Perry can alternate between colored wigs every damn day, but Rihanna can’t. Fuck that. Anyway, back to Danielle. So Danielle logs on to see all of these bullshit racist as fuck weave questions. Then she also sees questions about Liam. Oh joy! Now she’s being bombarded with questions about her ex-boyfriend! But look again, they aren’t questions about her relationship with Liam, they’re questions about their sex life; specifically Liam’s “10 inch penis.” If you visit the hashtag and scroll and scroll, there are multiple questions about Liam’s dick and how well she took it. This is again, racism. ‘How is it racist, Charlotte?’ You wonder. Well let me drop some history on ya real quick. Can I do that? Can I drop some history on y’all? (This is when the black congregation says “YAS PASSA (pastor)!” “Go on, now!” “PREACH PREACHA!) By asking Danielle about her sex life is not only hella intrusive, but it’s racist. When you inquire about someone’s sex life, ESPECIALLY someone you don’t know, you are sexualizing them. Since slavery, black people have been characterized as hyper-sexual. Black men would get called rapists, and black women would get called Jezebels. These are false attributes that have been placed on us to prove white people’s theory back then that we were animals. SO, by asking Danielle how freaky she was in bed with Liam, is racist, because you are labeling her as hyper-sexual. And I know people ask Eleanor those questions too, but not in the same context. With Eleanor, there’s a level of respect. Because she’s so pretty!!!1!1!1 And perfect!!!1!1!1 With Danielle there is no line. Especially when she’s asked how Liam dominated her chocolate body. (I KNOW I don’t have to explain how racist that Tweet was). So great job, 1D fandom! Awesome job, Directioners! You have failed the racism test again. You ought to be proud. I don’t give a fuck if you are a “sass account” or whatever, you have no fucking right to be racist. Go hang onto the boys’ balls and discard your racist bullshit and bullying. Because the Directioners with brains are tired of calling you out on your racism. We are exhausted.

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